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Najedzeni Fest

Mobile app for a food festival
My role: UX & UI Design, Front-end Development

Najedzeni Fest is a popular food festival in Krakow, Poland. Together with a couple friends we created an iPhone app to give visitors a chance to connect with vendors beyond the festival experience.

We talked to vendors, organizers and Najedzeni Fest fans about their past experiences during the festival. Based on those conversations, we created a customer journey map for attendees.

We mapped all touchpoints in time — before, during and after the event. During the process, an idea started to emerge.

We decided to create a proximity-aware mobile app. Customers could collect extra discounts and recipes next to each visited booth. Something of value that would stick around after the plate is clean.

We quickly learned that bluetooth proximity sensing is far from perfect in huge crowds. We had to test how our app is going to work in real life.

To start prototyping as early as possible, I came up with an idea to create a simple app that ran recurring javascript function with beacon data.

It was hacky, but it allowed me to start testing different solutions and setups using html, css and javascript.

During a different event in the same space, we created scenarios to test our ideas. We showed the app to people and observed how they use it.

After a couple iterations, we were happy with the functionality and flow. I switched back into Photoshop to create icons and hone the final design.

Multiple iterations helped shape the final design. Users could browse all vendors, see nearby booths, and view popular meals.

With crowds and spotty signage, a lot of users asked for a map of the venue. Getting to your favorite food faster is always a bonus.

Exhibitors that decided to provide customers with extra discounts or recipes were bumped to the top of the list.

Our app was made with a specific event in mind. But that didn't mean we didn't have to consider the experience before or after the festival.

Since the main screen of the app was proximity-based, we had to design for connectivity errors and use cases from outside of the event.

The app was ready, and Najedzeni Fest was approaching fast. We created posters, stickers and a simple landing page to promote our app.

It was extremely rewarding to watch people use our app during the event, and I certainly learned a lot during this project.

Quickly prototyping the app using beacons and javascript was especially cool, and I spoke about it on the 4Developers conference.

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