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Reverse-bidding Hospitality startup
My role: Branding, UX & Visual Design, Front-end Development

As part of the founding team, I helped create the first iteration of Bidroom. It was a first-of-its-kind reversed bidding hostpitality site, aimed to compete with industry giants. It was acquired in 2014

Home page & Bids page — two most important views in the application

We started work with sketches and low–fidelity wireframes to get a rough prototype working. This allowed us to start showing it to people early in the process and start getting feedback.

Since the idea behind Bidroom was never done before, we couldn’t count on users having similar experiences — we had to teach them a new way of doing things. Qualitative usability testing allowed us to verify if the novel idea was clear enough for hospitality websites users.

Being able to offer great discounts was just as important as getting people to use the platform. Feedback from hospitality professionals and hotel managers allowed us to fix usability problems and ensure a good experience on the hotel side.

Bidroom brought amazing results for users of the app, with discounts unavailable anywhere else in the industry.

After the launch, we continued to improve the design to improve the clarity of the product, which managed to get significant recognition from the press and was acquired by a Dutch company soon after.

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